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Here at Causa we offer inKind gift cards. 

By partnering with inKind we can reward our best Causa and Amazonia patrons with the ease of using an app and additionally, with bonus dining credits. In other words, the more you prepay with your digital gift card, the more of a bonus credit you will receive. 

Credit can be used at Causa and Amazonia, or at our sister restaurant, Service Bar.  

Causa Prepaid Reservations

InKind house accounts or gift cards can be used on site at the time of your reservation. Please book your reservation using your credit card.  The credit card payment will act as a form of deposit, and we will process a refund at the end of your meal to utilize your preferred form of payment. Also, gift cards or InKind house accounts can be used to purchase beverages and supplements at the restaurant.

Contact us with any questions!

Pay $250, Get $275
Pay $500, Get $600
Pay $1000, Get $1300