Who We Are

Discover Peru through a remarkable dining experience brought to you by Carlos Delgado, Chad Spangler, and Glendon Hartley. This dual-concept restaurant brings together the best of coastal Peruvian and Andean cuisine in two unique spaces: Causa - the tasting experience, and Amazonia - the upstairs bar and rooftop.


Causa is a Peruvian tasting odyssey curated by the acclaimed Chef Carlos Delgado, guiding guests on a culinary exploration of Peru's coastline and the Andes mountains. Delving into the complex tapestry of flavors and textures that define the country's traditional and modern cuisine, the journey begins with a carefully crafted menu that unveils the magnificent landscapes and cultures of Peru. Each course is skillfully designed to showcase the unique essence of the nation's abundant ingredients. To further heighten the dining experience, the meal can be enhanced with daily offerings of whole fish, shellfish, or other oceanic treasures from the on-site fish market. Chef Delgado is dedicated to sourcing the finest seafood, highlighting the astounding variety of fresh catches from the Peruvian coast and the vast Pacific beyond. A devotion to culinary excellence, sustainability, and seasonality guarantees that every dish is a memorable tribute to Peru's gastronomic legacy.


Ascend to Amazonia, an effortlessly inviting bar and rooftop sanctuary. A perfect complement to Causa's tasting experience, Amazonia provides a relaxed ambiance for savoring an extensive array of piscos, imaginative cocktails, and indulging in tantalizing small plates alongside bountiful sharing dishes. Each delectable dish in Amazonia is masterfully crafted by the skilled Causa kitchen team downstairs. Guests can immerse themselves in the vast pisco collection, a testament to the depth and versatility of Peru's national spirit, and venture into the inventive cocktail menu, a homage to the country's vibrant flavors and time-honored traditions.

Join us at Causa | Amazonia and embark on an authentic Peruvian culinary adventure that will captivate your senses and transport you to the very essence of this enchanting land.